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  Obverse Obsession Chocolate Pot  

California Dream Teapot 

  Image File Names for Better SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  
  The GOOD, The BAD, and the UGLY in the Age of the Internet
This keynote lecture addresses issues surrounding copyright and intellectual property in the arts and crafts community.

The Internet encourages us to share, but tutorials, books, and social networks sometimes facilitate copying or infringement with questionable consequences. Do we understand the impact of copying, sharing information, and skills that someone else invented? A challenge to the status quo is worth considering.

It was originally given at Synergy3: Seeking Higher Ground for the International Polymer Clay Association Annual Conference.
  PACKING One-of-a-Kind Art for Shipping
The best protection for shipping one-of-a-kind art or craft is a custom made shipping box. The time invested in your shipping box is well worth the effort.
  Documentation for Shipping Art and Craft by Harriete Estel Berman
The documentation sent with your art or craft is important for preventing loss or damage. If you ever have to make a "Claim for Damaged Work" the documentation with your art or craft will be essential for making an insurance claim with a gallery or exhibition sponsor.
  Custom Shipping Box /Design Your Work for Shipping
My experience has shown me that designing work for shipping can be essential step in preventing damage to your art or craft. Heavy bases should be removed from delicate components. Custom packing can be extremely helpful for traveling shows where the work will be packed and repacked.
  Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin - Installation Equipment & Details This presentation shows a 4 hours installation in four minutes. View the five year construction process on the page dedicated to this room size installation about education.  
  De-Installation (Behind the Scenes) Rolling Up the artwork Pick Up Your Pencils, Begin  
  Invite me to give a lecture for your arts group about my artwork or the PROFESSIONAL GUIDELINES. I also give workshops on professional development from four hours, one day, two day or week long.  
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